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Deciding On A Lock

We have all been there. You arrive at the hardware store, anxious to pick out a new lock for your storage unit, shed, or kid's locker. Unfortunately, after you see the available options, you might be confused and frustrated. After all, how are you supposed to know the difference between an exposed shackle and a protected lock body? Fortunately, this blog is here to help you to decide the right lock for your situation. By taking a few minutes to read through this information, you might be able to decide which lock you need to keep your things safe and sound.


How Extended Warranty Plans Can Help You During A Vehicle Lock-Out

When you purchase a new or used vehicle, you may have the option of adding an extended warranty plan to your payment contract. These plans provide extra protection for unexpected car repairs and general maintenance, such as tire and battery replacement.

Another service these plans typically provide is 24/7 vehicle lock-out assistance. If you're someone who is known for frequently losing keys or locking them in your car, this service may be for you.

Here are some ways that an extended warranty plan can help you during an emergency vehicle lock-out:

1. Around-the-Clock Lock-out Assistance

No matter what time of the day or night it is, you can call customer service and someone will come to your location to unlock your vehicle so that you're not stranded. Some plans include home lock-out service as well. If you find yourself calling costly locksmiths often, this lock-out service may be worth the price of the extra warranty alone. 

2. Key Recovery Service

Some warranties also have a handy lost key recovery protection plan as well. When you sign up for coverage, they will send you a small tag featuring your membership number and a postage-paid address, which you can attach to your key.  

3. Key Replacement Coverage 

Another service that the extended warranty plans may cover is key replacement coverage. This means that you will be reimbursed for the cost of replacement vehicle, and possibly home, key or fob. This covers keys that are not only lost, but stolen or inoperable as well. 

If you lose your vehicle or house keys when you're out and about and someone finds them, they can mail them to the warranty company at no cost. The company will then send them back to you. This service is convenient because it may encourage the person that found your keys to return, rather than throw, them away. You'll have peace of mind knowing no one else has your keys. 

4. Taxi, Towing and Rental Car Assistance

In some cases, you may not be able to have a replacement key made right away, depending on your lock-out location. If you find yourself in this special circumstance, some protection plans will pay for your taxi ride home or even get you a rental car at no extra cost.

If neither of those options are available, the warranty may cover the cost of getting your car towed to your home or hotel. Call a locksmith, like Ability Lock & Key, to get started.