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Deciding On A Lock

We have all been there. You arrive at the hardware store, anxious to pick out a new lock for your storage unit, shed, or kid's locker. Unfortunately, after you see the available options, you might be confused and frustrated. After all, how are you supposed to know the difference between an exposed shackle and a protected lock body? Fortunately, this blog is here to help you to decide the right lock for your situation. By taking a few minutes to read through this information, you might be able to decide which lock you need to keep your things safe and sound.


Need Commercial Locksmith Services? 4 Instances Where Their Help Is Invaluable

When running the day-to-day operations of your business, the last thing you may be thinking about is seeking the services of a commercial locksmith. However, you ought to recognize that even if you haven't experienced an intrusion event like an attempted break-in, these experts' help is still essential. This is the case if you have moved your business to a new location or had some staff members leave the company. Here are details regarding circumstances when their help is necessary:

You Need To Replace or Rekey Your Locks

If the door locks in your business have issues, there are two options you may contemplate. The first is to speak to a commercial locksmith to help replace the old locks with new ones. Another option you might consider is to have the existing locks rekeyed. Rekeying is a viable step to take if you have budgetary constraints. It is effective because when you call the technician to rekey your lock, they change the lock pin configuration and provide you with new keys.

You Require Spare Keys for Your Business

If some of the locks in your business premise only have a single key, the prudent thing to do is to call a professional locksmith to make spares. This is because you want to avoid a situation where, for instance, you're unable to access the conference room with an important meeting about to start. A spare key can also be useful when you're not at the location, yet some of your employees need to access important documents.

You've Recently Laid Off Some Employees

If you have employees who aren't meeting your work standards or adhering to your office procedures, the right thing to do is to lay them off. After dismissing such employees, remember to ask them to return their keys. Once they do, consider hiring a commercial locksmith as well. This is critical because the ex-employees are now categorized as unauthorized persons, so they pose a security risk by having keys to your business.

Your Locks Are Broken Or Worn Out

If your business' locks are broken or worn out, they'll not operate as they should. On the first sign of issues like jammed or stuck locks, speak to a locksmith before the problem escalates. Without expert intervention, broken or worn-out locks are an easy target for intruders. Fortunately, replacing the locks helps prevent the loss of products, critical business equipment, and documents.

Commercial locksmiths play an important role in securing your business premise. So, whenever you experience any of the situations mentioned above, contact a locksmith service in your area.